Vjosa Osmani: Milosevic's regime raped 20 000 women in Kosovo, without freedom there can be no equality

Vjosa Osmani: Milosevic's regime raped 20 000 women in Kosovo, without freedom there is no equality

During the brutal regime of Slobodan Milosevic, 20,000 women were raped in Kosovo.
Without freedom there can be no economic prosperity and no equality.

This was stated by Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani at the forum "Breaking Barriers: Investing in Women Entrepreneurs", BGNES reported.

The event was organized by the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and Domuschiev Impact.

Osmani thanked former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who participated in the forum, for U.S. aid to Kosovo in the 1990s.

"Without freedom, peace and democracy, there can be no economic prosperity or equality.

We wouldn't even have the opportunity to fight for that," the Kosovo president stressed.

"Kosovo is an example of the power of democracy when it confronts tyranny," Vjosa Osmani added.

The event brings together world leaders from the public and private sectors to identify ways to support the global advancement of women.

CGI is a community of established and emerging leaders working together to create and implement Commitments to Action - new, specific and measurable solutions to pressing global challenges. The meeting in Sofia is part of CGI's "Road to September," an annual gathering to establish new partnerships and initiatives ahead of the CGI 2024 Annual Meeting in New York City on September 23-24.

The forum brought together more than 200 leaders who will work together on initiatives to support women's leadership and more equitable access to capital, employment and advancement.

Participants include Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani, Cherie Blair - wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Yoslem Denizmen - founder of payments platform Monay.

The forum also features Jessica Espinosa - founder of 2X Global - a global organization for investors, capital providers and intermediaries, Elpita Kokota - founder of MEXOXO - a non-profit organization that supports women entrepreneurs.

Also in Sofia is Jocelyn Mangan, founder of Him for Her, a social enterprise whose mission is to have more women on company boards. /BGNES