WCC-DB: We will be a strong opposition in Bulgaria

"Thank you! We hear you! We will use the support you have given us to be a strong opposition to the plans of Boiko Borisov and Delian Peevski  to return us to the years of lean pizza and racketeering, and to cement their control over the services, regulators and judiciary for years to come.

This was stated by the coalition We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria, BGNES reported.

"We will fight for Bulgaria's European path and oppose any attempt at corruption and theft of public funds", the coalition wrote in its profile on the social network Facebook.

Boiko Borisov's GERB party received nearly 26% of the vote today, according to the first exit polls.

Second place is still uncertain. It is contested by We Continue Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) with almost equal results between 15.4% and 15.6%. The fourth place remains for the "Vuzrazhdane" political party with 14%.

Bulgarian Socialist Party and "There is Such People" of the showman Slavi Trifonov got 9% and 6.3% of the vote respectively.

The big surprise of this vote is the "Greatness" formation, headed by Ivelin Nikolov and former lieutenant colonel Nikolai Markov, which is close to the 4 per cent barrier to enter parliament.

All other formations " Sword", "Blue Bulgaria" and " Solidarity Bulgaria" are below 2%.

Bulgaria today made two elections in one - regular elections to the European Parliament and the sixth early parliamentary elections since 2021.

The national parliamentary elections were contested by 32 political formations - 20 parties, one independent candidate and 11 coalitions. Bulgaria will send 17 MEPs to the European Parliament.

The question remains whether a government will be formed or Bulgaria will head towards the seventh consecutive early parliamentary elections.
At the moment, Bulgaria is governed by a caretaker government headed by Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev. /BGNES