Ahmed Hamed: Your Perfume is Your Signature

During the Sofia Fashion Week 2024, besides the plethora of fashion collections on the catwalk, a company which as the fashion experts say provides "the second skin" of the person, wearing it, presented its unique perfumes and scents, bringing magical fairytales of the Middles East and the secrets of the Arabian nights. Besides that, though, Al Amar is a company which not only represents seven of the top perfume brands from the United Arab Emirates but also oversees that all the products, they represent, conform to sustainable business practices in the overall production process.

The Al Amar Founder and CEO Mr. Ahmed Hamed talked to BGNES about the science of perfumery and the portfolio of sustainable world-class scents and perfumes, which are not simply 'good smells', but carry a message.

Mister Hamed, thank you very much for this interview. We are at Sofia Fashion Week and you have a special place here. Tell us something more about the company you're actually coming to Sofia Fashion Week with first.

First, thanks for the interview. Thanks for the beautiful opportunity to be around the trendy Sofia and all the designers from worldwide. Today we are representing Al Amar Perfums, which is the first specialized company for Arabic perfumes.

We represent seven of the top ten producers of perfumes of the Middle East, actually from the United Arab Emirates, and along with Egyptian manufacturers as well.

One of the topics this year is sustainability in fashion and using natural ingredients, fabrics. You are into the perfume business. How do you approach this trendy topic, to put it that way, with sustainability, and green labels?

Yes. Basically, we set the rules of importing only the products that are fitting the European standards, the products that are applying all the environmental requirements, I should say. Our producers, including, to name some, but not limited, Swiss Arabian, which is the first and the biggest perfume producer of the Middle East.

Tell us something more about actually the beautiful perfumes that I see behind you in the booth. The Middle East, and especially the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, they're famous for their good aromas and the good attitude towards the beautiful things in the culture. It kind of breathes in the culture. Tell us more about the perfumes that you are presenting at Sofia Fashion Week.

Especially for Sofia Fashion Week, we are presenting three new collections, which is the 'Diamond collection'. This is produced by Swiss Arabian, as we said. And then we have another collection which is called 'Sawalef'.

This 'Sawalef', from the Arabic language, means 'fairy tales'. So each specific design, I should say it this way of perfume is speaking of a fairy tale by itself. Of course, it will be an honour if you explore them, these fairy tales.

And of course, we represent as well Nabeel as a brand. This is the producer that produced the world's most expensive perfume in the world. This is a perfume that has two certificates from Guinness World Records. One for being the most expensive, and the second for the amount of gold and diamonds that are incorporated in the structure of one perfume bottle.

So they are represented today with us with the Eagle and the Camel.

You can show them to us!

Please. So this product, for example, is called 'Al Bachiq'. 'Al Bachiq', in general, is a breed-specific breed of eagles. They are the most dear ones to the Gulf region and of course, of the most expensive ones. So it has a lot of appeal, this perfume as well, due to this metaphor and symbol. Yes. And it's so rich that it is really going to impress you. Please, if you want to try it.

Perfumes are not just good smells. They could carry a message. They could represent a producer, for example, or they could add to the one's energy.

Your perfume is your signature. It's your, as you said it, statement.

And scientifically speaking, certain components and certain ingredients of the perfumes contain or have a specific effect on the human being.

So it's much more than just a beautiful smell. /BGNES