Natural materials and color: Young designers strive to make ethical fashion

Young designers create beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable clothes around the world. These new creators are the driving force behind ethical fashion, and their goal is to make it the industry-wide rule very soon.

The collections of the new designers are presented at the Modefabriek 2024 exhibition in Amsterdam, and the use of natural materials and environmentally friendly fabrics is what unites them.

In front of BGNES and Cantarelli, Lisa de Vries, creator of the "Lune" brand, said that she took everyday life as her starting point. "I wanted to create a brand that is for comfortable clothes," she pointed out and shared that entrepreneurship and creativity are no strangers to her, as one of her brothers deals with interiors and the other with his own business.

She created "Lune" in 2019. “We focus heavily on what our clothes are made of. About 80% of the materials we use are certified," she explained, adding that they use a lot of natural cotton.

"The sustainability of clothes is very important to me, but for some clothes, we also use recycled materials, although it is not the perfect option," she shared and advised: "My message to people is to buy less." /BGNES