Nicole Kidman poses with snakes for the cover of Vogue

Nicole Kidman became the heroine of the cover of the February issue of the Australian edition of Vogue. On the cover, which was shot by renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein, the 56-year-old actress poses with snakes in her hands. In the interview, the star talks about her love for extreme sports, the best age for a woman and her new role.
Doing a photoshoot with a reptile was Nicole's idea: she likes to try new things and, according to her, it "allows me to do things I wouldn't do". Plus, the actress adds, she thinks snakes are "extremely beautiful."
I love them," Kidman explains with a laugh. "I love my kids, I love my husband. I think it [love of snakes] has to do with the way I go skydiving or scuba diving."
Nicole believes that a woman's life begins after 33 years. "They say 33 is a very strong age. Someone told me it's the age you start living." The actress turned 33 when the filming of the musical "Moulin Rouge" ended - a role that earned her her first Oscar nomination.
On January 25, the world premiere of Lulu Wang's series "Expats" will take place, in which Nicole plays the main role. The actress recalls that in 2017, after a conversation at the Cannes Film Festival with Meryl Streep, she promised to work with a female director for a year and a half and followed through.
The actress herself found Lulu Wang to work on The Emigrants, which was produced by her company Blossom Films. It is important for Kidman to support talented and young directors by offering them collaboration: she knows how to find someone just when their star is rising. This is the case with Park Chan-wook for "Stoker", Jonathan Glazer for "Birth", Yorgos Lanthimos for "The Killing of a Sacred Deer".
"I like to show up and say, 'Now I'm going to help support the new talent that's on the horizon,'" Kidman says.
"And there's a lot of them. And they're coming at us fast and furious. Van is one of them. I thought, 'This is the only guy who can do Expats.'
The film adaptation of the novel "Expats" tells the story of three American women living in Hong Kong, whose lives change when Kidman's character Margaret loses her son one night in the center of the markets of Mong Kok. Nicole's new role, like most of her other roles, is about a desperate and confused woman who has to go through difficult life events./BGNES