Personal fashion consultant - a solution for unnecessary clothes in the wardrobe

Faux leather trousers, dark denim, striped shirt, and polyester print oversized sweatshirt. Almost everyone has a similar set of clothes in their wardrobe that they periodically replace, gift to a younger sibling or just wonder when to wear.

A team from BGNES and Cantarelli flew to the Netherlands to rock the stands at the Modefabriek 2024 fashion fair in search of answers about whether the personal fashion consultant will tackle the eternal question of "what to wear today", whether we are getting carried away with "fast fashion" and how the fashion business could be "ethical".

The Amsterdam show is a peculiar combination of hundreds of local and foreign brands, collections, exhibitions, shops, talks, forecasts, and trends in the fashion industry. Some visitors come to completely replace their wardrobes, others to establish work contacts, and others to "steal" an idea.

"We use only natural materials. We use cotton and all-natural fabrics that the buyer likes, that are comfortable, and that are fashionable," said Olsen International Sales Manager Indo Kiek.

The name "Olsen" is relatively young - it dates back to 1995 and is represented in more than 20 countries, but the history of the brand began back in 1901 in Hamburg.

According to Indo Kiek, success lies in the fact that they don't try to imitate or impersonate another. "Besides, we have our heritage. We value our customers, we love our customers and we make clothes for them," Kiek clarified.
According to him, the secret to maintaining the brand for so long is due to the people behind it. "We always say company first, but that means people first," he believes.
Asked if a personal fashion consultant can solve the problem of too many clothes in the wardrobe just hanging on a hanger, Keek is adamant:

"Fashion is the thing you feel. You need clothes, but I think a fashion consultant can solve that problem. The regular customer usually knows what they want, but when the seller and buyer have a dialogue, that's when you get the best result."
Indo Kiek is adamant that people should take care of nature and the planet. According to him, one should know how clothes are produced.

"I think the younger generation is more conscious and the pressure is coming from them. It's important for everyone to be aware of it," says Kiek. /BGNES