Singer Rosalia is the Newest Face of Lady Dior

Dior has just unveiled singer Rosalia as its newest ambassador for its Lady Dior campaign, PAPER magazine reports.

 The luxury fashion house, known for its elegant and sophisticated designs, has now added the Grammy Award-winning musician to its prestigious list of brand ambassadors.

Usually recognized for her bold and avant-garde fashion choices, Rosalia showcases a different side of her style in this campaign.

In a series of stunning images shot by renowned photographer Collier Schorr, the performer is featured in muted colors and classic black and white ensembles.

This more restrained approach is meant to highlight her captivating presence and aura, rather than her typical eclectic wardrobe. The campaign seeks to pay homage to the intricate relationship between fashion, live performance, stage and music by capturing the essence of Rosalia's artistic expression.

Through this collaboration, Dior continues to bridge the gap between haute couture and the world of music, celebrating the unique talents and influences of its ambassadors.

Rosalia's inclusion in the Lady Dior campaign not only highlights her global influence, but also reinforces Dior's commitment to embracing diverse and strong voices in the contemporary fashion landscape. /BGNES