The story behind the brand creates the brand and makes people buy

More and more people choose their clothes because of the history of the brand, not so much because of the brand itself. The big picture – that's where the key lies behind fast-changing fashion trends and returning ones.

To BGNES, the creator of "10 days 365" Barbara Hilbrink revealed the existence of these new trends. The special envoy of BGNES and Cantarelli in Amsterdam, Gergana Yordanova, spoke with the magnetic designer. The conversation takes place amid the specialized exhibition Modefabriek 2024.

According to Hilbrink, more and more people are recognizing sustainable fashion as a cause, leading to the choice of ethically made, environmentally friendly clothing. Also looking for stories, the consumer wants to know more about the brand.

"I think people are becoming more aware and that's why I think they want this trend. They don't choose the clothes because of the brand, but because of the story behind the brand," Barbara told BGNES.