Women's apparel crafted by Bulgarian manufacturers is showcased in Amsterdam

The name is American, the brand is Dutch, and the production is Bulgarian. In other words, Penn&ink NY is an international clothing brand in the sport-classic style made of natural materials, owned by the De Lorme family.

Felice and Marc de Lorme created the label with the idea of ​​combining American spirit with European style. However, 12 years ago, Bulgaria grabbed them, they found like-minded people and two factories in Pazardzhik.

Today, the collections presented at the "Modefabriek" fashion exhibition in Amsterdam are sewn by Bulgarians, Mark de Lorm told the BGNES reporter and Cantarelli.

"We like the factories in Bulgaria. They are like a small part of the family", added Mark, and Felice added that the people who work for them are very hardworking and dedicated to the brand.

“We make clothes for women of all ages. Each collection is a mix of sportswear on the one hand and clothes in an elegant style on the other," said Mark, who shared that their goal is to work only with soft fabrics that are comfortable for those who wear them. .

Felice de Lorme revealed that before presenting her new collections, she tries on each garment to make sure it is comfortable, but also that the materials are soft and comfortable to wear.

Marc de Lorme assured that they only use natural materials that are sustainable.

"We use wool, cashmere, cotton and linen," he added. /BGNES