50 Cent's ex accused him of rape

The former lover of rapper 50 Cent (real name - Curtis Jackson) Daphne Joy has accused him of rape, as well as being a bad father to their 11-year-old son.
"Curtis James Jackson. Everything is a joke to you until our safety is threatened, which is happening now. You bring real chaos and insanity to people's lives. How would you feel if Sear was handcuffed?" he wrote. Joy on Instagram.
"We moved to New York to give you a chance to be our son's father, and you've seen him 10 times in the two years we've lived here. I'm tired of supporting and protecting your image in the eyes of my son, who even you don't deserve it. You forever destroyed my last hope that as a father you could keep our family together."
Daphne also claims that the rapper raped her. "Let's focus on your real villainy: the rape and physical abuse of me."
The rapper commented on the allegations. "The recent false and baseless allegations by Daphne Joy are clearly in response to my decision to seek sole custody of my son," 50 Cent said in a statement released on behalf of his representative.
On Instagram, he also claims that Daphne has moved closer to him in hopes of having another child with him and hints that she is a sex worker./BGNES