A Bulgarian scientist is the lead author in a large-scale NASA study

Prof. Ognyan Kolev from the Institute of Neurobiology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) is the lead author in a large-scale study by NASA scientists, which was published in the prestigious Journal of Vestibular Research. The publication is the result of long-term joint work of the American Space Agency and the Bulgarian professor, announced the press center of the Ministry of Education and Science.
The study followed 20 flights of NASA's space shuttle and examined problems in the coordination of the astronauts' movements. The study concerns two aspects - successful piloting of the spacecraft, especially during landing and in-flight maneuvers and the correct execution of routine tasks and in-flight experiments. "No matter how advanced the technology of the spacecraft and its devices has been and continues to be improved, the human factor - the astronaut - is of key importance for the successful implementation of the flight and its tasks," Prof. Kolev points out.
The published study is the most large-scale conducted by NASA so far, and Prof. Kolev's leading role in it is an exceptional recognition for Bulgaria.
Prof. Kolev has several other joint papers with NASA scientists, one of which was published a few years ago in Nature Sci Reports.
"It is my pleasure that for more than two decades I have collaborated with the largest scientific organization in the world - NASA in conducting scientific experiments and that I have been awarded by it," says Prof. Kolev. /BGNES