A man set himself on fire outside the court hearing the Trump case

A man set himself on fire on April 19 outside the court hearing the case against Donald Trump and threw pamphlets that police said contained conspiracy theories. The man was then taken to hospital in critical condition.
Police named the man as Maxwell Azzarello of St. Augustine, Florida, and said the leaflets he tried to distribute "appear to be based on propaganda," AFP reported.
"They were almost like a conspiracy theory type of pamphlet, some information regarding Ponzi schemes and the fact that some of our local educational institutions are shelters for the mob," said NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenney.
"His condition is not good, but for now he is alive," Kenny added.
"At this time we have classified him as a conspiracy theorist," Deputy Police Commissioner Tariq Shepherd said.
Burning clothes were strewn across the park, which was cordoned off by authorities, and ambulances were lined up nearby.
Laura Kavanagh, commissioner of the New York City Fire Department, said four officers suffered minor injuries in the incident. She described Azzarello's condition as "critical."
Video footage taken by witnesses and posted on social media showed a man standing engulfed in flames before falling to the ground as police officers, including one with a fire extinguisher, rushed to put out the flames.
Television reporters described the incident, which unfolded minutes after the full panel of 12 jurors and six alternates had been selected for the former president's embezzlement trial.
Despite the incident, hearings in the case resumed after lunch. Trump declined to answer questions about Azzarello when he returned to court after the break.
The self-immolation took place in the park across from the courthouse at 100 Central Street, which was used by authorities to gather protesters, both pro-Trump and anti-Trump, as well as some members of the media.
The police said they searched the area and did not find incendiary devices./BGNES