A Turkish scientific expedition with a Bulgarian participant departed for Antarctica

Scientists and researchers taking part in the 8th National Scientific Expedition to Antarctica left Istanbul on their mission, Anadolu News Agency reported.

"A total of 20 scientists and three high school students are part of the expedition, including one Bulgarian and one American, as well as two Spaniards," said the director of the Institute of Polar Research and coordinator of the expedition, Prof. Dr. Burju Özsoy. The high school students have won a competition for research projects within the framework of Teknofest.

The trip will take 2-3 days.

The expedition will be conducted under the auspices and coordination of the TUBITAK Institute of Polar Research.

The scientists will travel to the temporary scientific base in Antarctica along the Istanbul-São Paulo-Santiago-Punta Arenas-King George route.

The Turkish Ambassador to Argentina, Suleiman Omur Budak, will also join the expedition and make official visits to other countries' scientific bases on King George Island.

Scientists will carry out maintenance activities at the Turkish research camp on Horseshoe Island, long-term monitoring studies, maintenance of meteorological stations and mapping activities on Horseshoe Island and its surroundings. / BGNES