A worker died in an explosion at a Polish arms factory

An explosion at the Mesko arms factory in the southeastern Polish town of Skarzysko-Kamenna caused a fire and killed a 59-year-old worker.
Another worker was hospitalized after suffering smoke inhalation, but his life was not in danger, local authorities said.
"We had an explosion at the rocket fuel center, which was put into operation a few years ago," the plant's chairman, Elzhbeta Sreniavska, told RMF 24 radio.
The company's services extinguished the fire, and the causes of the incident are currently being investigated.
This is not the first such tragic incident at the factory. In September 2021, a 41-year-old woman died in an explosion.
In another incident in April 2021, a 48-year-old woman was seriously injured during an explosion, later dying of her injuries.
Mesko, owned by state-owned Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa SA, manufactures various defense products, including Grom and Piorun man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, Spike-LR anti-tank missiles and small arms ammunition. | BGNES