Andrew Garfield meets a "professional witch"

Andrew Garfield's personal life is clearly improving. The other day paparazzi caught the actor on a date in Los Angeles with a new girl - the two were holding hands, hugging and looking at each other longingly.

And it was a double date - the lovers walked with Andrew's friends, singer Phoebe Bridgers and her partner - comedian Beau Burnham. Which means that the couple has already reached a more serious stage of their relationship.

The chosen one of the star of "The New Spider-Man", Dr. Kate Thomas, does not belong to the world of show business. She studied philosophy of religion at Oxford University and has published in many famous publications such as Vogue and The Telegraph. However, on her website, Kate describes herself as a "spiritual consultant" with 23 years of experience providing counseling and teaching ancient and modern spiritual practices and rituals. She is also described as a "professional witch". To his students, Thomas suggests that they try not to focus on the rational, but to "explore the world of energy, astrology, and spiritual practices."

We recall that Garfield's last serious relationship was with his colleague in "Spiderman" Emma Stone: the celebrities met from 2011 to 2015. After breaking up with the actress, Andrew was spotted with different girls, but all these romances turned out to be short-lived. /BGNES