Angelina Jolie's lawyers: Brad Pitt often physically abused her

Angelina Jolie's lawyers claim that her ex-husband Brad Pitt has physically abused her repeatedly.

In court documents filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the actress' lawyers claim that Pitt had a history of physically abusing her before the infamous 2016 incident on a private jet. That's when Jolie accused Pitt of physically abusing their children.

"While Pitt's history of physical abuse of Jolie began long before the family's plane trip from France to Los Angeles in September 2016, that flight marked the first time he also assaulted the children. Jolie then immediately left him," the complaint states.

The former spouses are still arguing over ownership of the 1,300-acre Château Miraval estate in Provence. They bought it for $20 million in 2008. Five years later, they began working with the Perrin family of winemakers to produce Miraval's signature rosé.

The two actors each own a 50% stake in the estate as well as the winemaking facility. Following the couple's divorce in 2021. Jolie sold her stake in the estate to a Russian oligarch, prompting a lawsuit from Pitt in which he accused Jolie of "systematically obstructing" his management.

Since then, the couple has been embroiled in divorce lawsuits related to business, child custody and disagreements over their various properties.

In October 2022. Jolie filed a counter-complaint, which contained allegations that in 2016 Pitt had "strangled" one of their children aboard a private jet.

Court documents seen by the New York Times allege that Pitt "choked one of the children and punched the other in the face," then "grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her." The documents also state that at one point "he doused Jolie with beer; at another point he doused the children with beer and red wine." /BGNES