Astronomers discover the oldest and most gigantic body of water in the known Universe

Scientists have confirmed that the largest body of water in the known Universe is 12 billion years old. Two teams of astronomers have recorded the largest and most distant reservoir of water ever found in space. This is reported by the portal Unilad. It is noted that the water mass of the reservoir is significantly greater than the mass of all water on Earth - it exceeds 140 trillion times the total volume of water in the world ocean.
"However, you have little chance of spotting it when looking through your own telescope because the body of water surrounds a huge, feeding black hole called a quasar that is more than 12 billion years old. Observations made by scientists showed a time when the universe was only 1.6 billion years old," the article said.
According to Matt Bradford, a scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, the discovery shows that water can be found throughout the universe. "The environment around this quasar is unique in that it produces a huge mass of water. This is another demonstration that water was widespread in the universe, even in the earliest times," the researcher said.
Quasars are thought to be massive celestial objects and emit large amounts of energy. Gas and dust falling into the supermassive black hole, which is located at the centre, emit electromagnetic radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum /BGNES