Baba Vanga has captured the attention of Israel and the Jerusalem Post

The world will end, and the inevitable fall and extinction of humanity will begin in 2025, according to an alleged prediction by the late Bulgarian mystic and fortune teller Baba Vanga, writes the authoritative Israeli publication "Djeruzalem Post".

Baba Vanga, also known as Vangelia Pandeva Gushcherova, was a woman known for her alleged divination abilities. Although she was blind, it is said that she could somehow peer into the future and make bold and dramatic predictions, earning her the nickname "Nostradamus of the Balkans."

Although she died in 1996, her personality is widely popular in Eastern Europe. Although her predictions have never been fully recorded and many dispute the predictions attributed to her, her name is associated with many claims, from the death of Princess Diana and the Chernobyl disaster to 9/11 and the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

One of Baba Vanga's alleged predictions that has been making the rounds on the Internet lately is perhaps the most dramatic: The literal end of the world and of all humanity.

According to multiple outlets such as the Daily Star, WION, and LADbible, the end of humanity will occur in 5079. However, this will only be the culmination of events beginning in 2025.

Here is a rough chronology based on multiple reports of this prediction.

Timeline to the end of humanity (according to predictions dubiously attributed to the late Bulgarian fortune teller)

2025: The inciting incident that will usher in the final end of humanity will be an unspecified conflict in Europe that will devastate the continent's population.

2028: Humanity needs more energy. To this end, it will succeed in exploring Venus to find new sources of energy. This may be one of the most unlikely parts of this timeline, as Venus is essentially an inhospitable hellscape with an atmosphere so acidic that nothing could survive, and no space probe has managed to survive more than a few hours.

2033: Climate change is very dangerous and this should not be underestimated. However, Baba Vanga supposedly predicted that at this point the polar ice caps would melt and sea levels would rise dramatically across the globe.

2076: Have you ever watched the old Simpsons episode where Russia pushes a button and the Soviet Union suddenly reforms out of nowhere, the Berlin Wall goes up again, and a zombie of Vladimir Lenin pops out of the mausoleum moaning about crushing capitalism? Well, it may not be exactly like that, but Baba Vanga's supposed prediction claims that at this point communism will not just return, but take over the whole world.

The year 2130: Jumping into the next century, humanity will supposedly make contact with aliens at this point. What could go wrong?

2170: Climate change will worsen and at this point it is assumed that a drought will occur around the world.

3005: Maybe it's due to human colonization, maybe it's due to aliens. Regardless, at that point there will supposedly already be some civilization on Mars. And they will be at war with Earth.

3797: Presumably at that point, for various reasons, Earth will no longer be able to support life. Allegedly, at this point humans will leave their home planet and head to parts unknown.

5079: This is the end. The end. The grand finale. And, of course, with a prediction as vague as this, if it was an actual prediction at all, we know nothing about it. All we know is that the world will end. Yes, presumably by that point the world will already be uninhabitable, so what that refers to, frankly, is anyone's guess. Will it end with a bang, or will it die out? Will there be a big epic battle or more of an anticlimactic incident?

Mind you, this is all obviously ridiculous. Yes, Baba Vanga was a real person and yes, she gathered quite a following and legends around her. However, since no one has recorded her predictions, no one knows if any of the predictions attributed to her these days are true - and even if they are, no one knows if the prediction will come true.

After all, many of the predictions she supposedly made before have never come true. In 2023, some information says that she predicted that the Earth would be devastated by nuclear biological weapons and a solar storm.

According to some reports, she also claimed that world famine would be overcome by 2028, and in 2304, humanity would master time travel.

Who knows? But people always like to write about doomsday, concludes the article in the Jerusalem Post. I BGNES