Belousov: Russia's goal is victory with minimal casualties

"Russia's primary task is to achieve victory on the battlefield in Ukraine with minimal troop losses."
This was stated by the future Russian Minister of Defense Andrei Belousov, Al Arabiya reported.
Belousov, an economist whom President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly appointed to replace Sergei Shoigu, argued that the military sector needs more efficiency and innovation to achieve its goals.
"The main task, of course, remains to achieve victory. At the same time, I want to specifically emphasize that, with minimal human casualties," he said during a parliamentary hearing.
His comments drew attention because Russian officials rarely discuss casualties in the war, except to praise the heroism of fallen soldiers.
Belousov presented himself as an honorable man, telling the deputies: "I have always been guided and will be guided by the concrete principle 'You can make mistakes, but you cannot lie.'
It was a sharp comment given that he was taking over a ministry embroiled in a major corruption probe that damaged his predecessor, Shoigu. The scandal widened with the arrest of another high-ranking official suspected of bribery.
Belousov, who has no military experience, has been tasked by Putin with the task of maximizing efficiency in Russia's military economy as its troops, having regained the initiative, attempt to push deeper into Ukraine./BGNES