Brad Pitt at a film festival with his beloved Ines de Ramon

Brad Pitt and jewelry designer Ines de Ramon, who is 27 years younger than the Hollywood actor, attended an event at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival that honored Bradley Cooper, who received the award for Best Actor of the Year.
The lovers did not appear on the red carpet, but Hello! posted photos from the Arlington Theater showing Brad and Inez sitting next to each other in the third row, behind Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan. Judging by the photos, the couple was having a good time and feeling comfortable. At some point, Ines put her hand on Brad's thigh, after which the actor leaned towards his beloved and began to whisper something in her ear, and she listened with a smile on her face. It is worth noting that Pitt is invited not only as a spectator. It was he, when the time came, who took the stage and presented the award to Bradley Cooper. At the same time, he joked that he only agreed to do this for the sake of a "free" trip to Santa Barbara. At the end of the event, Pete and Ines walked out of the theater holding hands tightly.
Many netizens noted that Brad looked more handsome and refreshed tonight. The actor began to pay more attention to his appearance after rumors that he underwent a facelift.
His novel with Ines de Ramon is the first serious relationship of Brad Pitt after his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2019. The couple has not been hiding from the paparazzi for a long time, travels together and often goes on dates. Recently, the tabloid In Touch reported that Pitt and Ines are thinking about a child. /BGNES