Charles Michel to Donald Trump: the EU has given Ukraine $150 billion

EU chief Charles Michel told Donald Trump to "get the facts straight" on aid to Ukraine after the US presidential contender said Europe should give more money to Kiev, AFP reports.

"Don't be intimidated by (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. We are not afraid. Let's get the facts straight. The figures speak for themselves. EU contribution to Ukraine: 143 billion euros ($150 billion)," the European Council president wrote in a post addressed to Trump in X.

Former U.S. leader Trump told Europe to "get moving" on support for Ukraine ahead of this weekend's vote by U.S. lawmakers on a long-delayed $61 billion aid package for the war-torn country.

"As everyone agrees, Ukraine's survival and strength should be much more important to Europe than they are to us, but they are important to us too! GET A MOVE ON, EUROPE!" Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth Social.

The former U.S. president is exerting tight control over many Republicans in Washington who have delayed new funds for military aid to Ukraine. They insist that priority be given to fighting illegal immigration along the border with Mexico. /BGNES