Europe set a new temperature record

Spain set a new heat record for the month. In January, the temperature at the official weather station in Valencia reached plus 30.7 degrees, writes the Evening Standard, citing data from the meteorological agency AEMET. This is the absolute maximum not only for Spain, but also for the whole of Europe.
At the semi-official station in Murcia, the thermometer rose even higher - up to 31.5 degrees. In the central part of the country, the air warms up to 25-27 degrees.
In neighboring Portugal, according to Sky News, temperatures in some regions rose to 23 degrees. Such indicators exceed the climatic norm by 8-9 degrees. Record temperatures lead to drought and wildfires in Spain. European scientists link searing mid-winter heat to global climate change.
2023. was the second hottest year for Spain and the hottest for the planet in the entire history of meteorological observations. The global average temperature was 14.98 degrees. The previous record was registered in 2016. /BGNES