Floods and landslides kill dozens in Nepal and India

At least 14 people in Nepal have died as a result of heavy rains in Nepal that triggered flash floods and landslides.

Disaster teams are searching for nine missing, police said.

Floods in neighbouring India and downstream Bangladesh have also caused major damage and affected millions of people.

"Police are working with other agencies and locals to find the missing people," Nepal police spokesman Dan Bahadur Karki told AFP.

The dead and missing are being located in several places.

Monsoon rains from June to September each year bring death and destruction across South Asia, but in recent years the number of floods and fatal landslides has increased.

Experts say climate change and increased road construction are exacerbating the problem.

In India, floods have inundated the northeastern state of Assam, killing six people in the past 24 hours, the Assam Disaster Management Authority said Sunday.

The disaster management agency said the floods have affected more than two million people in Bangladesh. | BGNES