Flying cockroaches have taken over Greece

In the last two weeks, the municipal authorities of Larissa have received dozens of complaints from citizens whose homes have been attacked by large flying cockroaches.

The appearance of a large number of the specific species is not unusual for Larisa in summer, especially after a mild winter, but this year the "contagion" seems particularly acute, Kathimerini reported.

Experts say recent flooding in the area has also contributed to the problem by flushing the roaches out into the open.

Identified as Periplaneta americana (or American cockroach), the pest that inundates Larissa is the largest and fastest of the common cockroach species and can multiply rapidly thanks to its ability to fly.

Local authorities are doing their best to deal with the problem. Residents and local businesses are also being urged to join the fight by spraying their properties with insecticides. | BGNES