Ginkgo extract speeds up rehabilitation of post-stroke patients

According to an American Heart Association press release, trials show that patients are 20% more likely to recover when they receive injections of GDLM, the active ingredient in ginkgo extract.

The extract from the biomass of the relic ginkgo plant significantly speeds and improves rehabilitation of stroke patients who have suffered a stroke as a result of blood clots getting into or forming in the blood vessels of the brain, the American Heart Association (AHA) press office reported.

"Our trials showed that patients were 20% more likely to recover when they received injections of the substance GDLM, the active ingredient in ginkgo extract. This substance is thought to promote brain cell survival by dilating blood vessels, stimulating blood flow and increasing the resistance of neurons to oxygen deprivation," says Wang Anxing, an associate professor at Capital Medical University in Beijing, China, who was quoted by the AHA press office.

Medics have come to this conclusion in large-scale clinical trials involving more than 3,000 patients treated at a hundred medical centres in different regions of China. During this experiment, half of the study participants received standard therapy for ischemic stroke, and the remaining patients received injections of the substance GDLM for two weeks in addition.

Scientists monitored the changes in the volunteers' health over the next three months and tracked how quickly and how well they recovered their cognitive skills and ability to control their limb movements. A comparison of these indicators for the two groups of patients showed that injections of the substance ginkgo biomass significantly improved patients' rehabilitation in both the short and medium term./BGNES