Google adds satellite communications to Android smartphones

Google has released a preview of Android 15, XDA reported.

Support for satellite communication appeared in the Android 15 Developer Preview 2 build. It allows sending messages from smartphones in the absence of a cellular connection. It is not yet known if the new feature will work on all devices and how much it will cost to access it. It was reported that satellite communication was supposed to appear in Android 14, but it did not happen.

In Android 15, contactless payment technology has been added and improved. It enables faster payments via NFC. In addition, the privacy settings have been updated in the operating system. Apps will now not be able to secretly record the user's device screen.

Support for the CTA-2075 standard has also been discovered in the operating system. It "equalizes" the sound in the system so that the volume of different applications is the same. Google engineers also optimized the display of SDR and HDR photos in the smartphone gallery.

In mid-March, Google named the date of the annual conference Google I/O - it will be held on May 14. The Android 15 operating system will likely be presented at this event. /BGNES