Half of the Western weapons for Ukraine arrive late

Half of the Western military aid to Kiev was delivered late, Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov bitterly stated.

Ukraine, which has been struggling with ammunition shortages, has said for months that Western aid has been slow to reach it, with real consequences for its two-year-old fight against Russia. "At the moment, the commitment is not a delivery," Umerov admitted at a forum marking the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of its neighbor. "50 percent of commitments are not fulfilled on time," he added. Umerov argues that this puts Ukraine at an even greater disadvantage "in the mathematics of war" against Russia, which the West says is increasingly building a military economy.

Umerov pointed out that delayed aid would mean Kiev would "lose people, lose territory", especially given Russia's "air superiority". "We are doing everything possible and impossible, but without timely delivery, it hurts us," he pointed out.

In recent weeks, Kiev has been weakened by a shortage of ammunition, and vital US aid remains blocked by political wrangling in the US Congress. /BGNES