How Gladiator 2 Made Millions Before Premiere?

Ridley Scott is back. Since last year, the British director has been in Malta, where he is shooting his new project - a sequel to one of the most beloved films in history: "Gladiator".

The film, which stars actors like Paul Mezcal and Pedro Pascal, takes place years after the original. Filming began on the Mediterranean island last year. The sequel comes almost 25 years after the original, but given the recent performance of Napoleon (Scott's previous film), fans are hoping they won't be disappointed again.

So far, the only thing this movie has done is... a lot of money. This was made possible by the record tax breaks the production received for being filmed in Malta.

Through the Malta Film Commission, which offers production companies up to a 40 percent cash refund if they shoot in Malta, Gladiator 2 will get back €46.7 million, or about $50.5 million.

The profit is more than necessary considering that Gladiator 2's budget is rumored to be between $250 million and $310 million (double the original budget of $165 million and making it one of the most expensive films ever). | BGNES