In Britain, a storm has canceled flights, trains and ferry services

Around 70 departing and arriving flights were canceled in the UK before midday after the Met Office issued a yellow warning for high winds.


In Scotland, rail and ferry services are affected. Gusts of up to 100km/h are expected in the UK.


Storm Kathleen will be strongest in north-west and south-west England and parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The storm, the 11th in a row in eight months, will hit the Republic of Ireland hardest. Some coastal regions of the Irish Sea could see gusts of up to 110km/h and large waves. Ferry services between Northern Ireland and Scotland have been cancelled. A number of sporting events were also changed due to the storms.


Storm Kathleen is expected to weaken by Sunday evening. Met spokesman Rod Dennis said: “This intense period of stormy weather will prove extremely challenging for anyone driving in the west of the UK. "We urge motorists to avoid exposed coasts and higher routes where the impact of very strong winds is most likely to be felt." /BGNES