Israel retaliates against Iran

Israel has struck Iranian territory, a US official told CNN.

The target is not nuclear, the official says.

Before the Israeli strike on Friday (local time), the US expectation was that it would not target civilian or nuclear sites, another senior US official told CNN.

US media earlier reported that Israel had notified the US that its response would be limited in scope. US intelligence suggested that Israel was considering a narrow and limited strike inside Iran because it felt it needed to respond with some kind of kinetic action given the unprecedented scale of the Iranian attack.

The range of targets "has never been specified, but nuclear and civilian sites are clearly not in that category," the second official added.

The US has urged Israel not to respond to last weekend's Iranian attack, which President Joe Biden on Thursday called "unprecedented". The US "has not given the green light" for an Israeli response, the second official said.

Tehran has activated its air defense system over several cities, Iranian state media reported, after the country's official broadcaster reported that explosions were heard near the central city of Isfahan./BGNES