It became clear why Tom Cruise broke up with his Russian girlfriend

Tom Cruise broke up with his lover, the daughter of former Russian MP Elsina Khairova, because of her ex-husband, businessman Dmitry Tsvetkov. This was reported by PageSix, citing an insider. According to the actor's team, the way Tsvetkov commented on the intimate relationship of his former "spouse" in the press could affect Cruise's reputation and work.


“He was in films and her husband said something every time Tom was mentioned in the media. They [the actor's team] just didn't want to deal with her ex-husband saying something nasty every few weeks,” the insider revealed. Tsvetkov did comment on Elsina's novel to the Daily Mail. In an interview, he called Cruise his "favorite actor" and stated that he had seen Eyes Wide Shut as many as 30 times. Tsvetkov added that he talked to a friend, a Hollywood producer, about Cruz playing him in a film about his life. "I told the producer that the only actor who could play me was Tom Cruise. We're about the same height and weight and I'd be honored if that happened. I can't think of anyone who could play me " better than Tom. I hope one day I can meet him to discuss this project."


Tsvetkov also warned Cruz in an interview that his ex-wife likes the good life and he will have to keep his "wallet open." According to Tsvetkov, he spent over $12 million on clothes and about $2.5 million on handbags for his ex during their 11-year marriage, and lost almost $200 million as a result of the divorce.


Elsina and Tom Cruise's relationship began when the socialite came to a private tea party at the actor's house, attended by Kate Middleton and Prince William (although it is possible that Elsina just came to the party as a neighbor, since she and Tom they live in a house in London). Elsina is said to have made an indelible impression on Cruise and they were soon spotted together at a party in Mayfair, and the actor later rented out an entire floor of London's Novikov restaurant for a date. The media began to discuss the novel in detail. Soon there were reports that the couple was "officially together" - all their close people supposedly knew about it. It was reported that Elsina introduced Cruz to her children by Dmitry Tsvetkov. Everyone expected that Cruise would go public with his new relationship in the near future, but instead, suddenly news broke that the couple had split. As reported by insiders, Tom lost interest in Elsina, but at the same time they remained friends. /BGNES