Jerusalem Post: Iran downplays consequences of Israeli strike

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Israel struck back where it was attacked."

This was stated by official Israeli security and government sources to the "Jerusalem Post".

Israel would not claim responsibility for this attack for strategic reasons, they explained, adding that the Iranians claimed it was a "factory explosion" because they wanted to avoid escalation.

It is not clear why the Pentagon disclosed to the US media that Israel was involved; according to them, they "could have remained silent."

"They could have preserved Iran's dignity and avoided escalating the situation themselves," the newspaper's sources added-

At the Kiriya base in Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire security and diplomatic leadership coordinated their actions for 24 hours with regional partners in Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

However, Israel has yet to claim responsibility.

In recent hours, countries in the region have sent messages to Israel that if Iran attacks, "they are here to help" (Israel).

The US has been informed of the attack. This was confirmed by a senior US official who said: "We were not surprised", while also telling Walla.

According to a Bloomberg report on April 18, Israeli officials notified the US that they planned to strike in the next 24-48 hours. /BGNES