Jon Bon Jovi: I miss Richie Sambora

The guitarist abruptly quit the band in 2009 when he simply didn't show up to a show in Calgary, Canada, and his former bandmates still don't understand his actions despite having contacted him.

John told Record Collector magazine, "It's heartbreaking that Richie left and that he did it this way. We were shocked.

I personally miss him personally and creatively, in the studio and as an integral part of the band on stage."

"But if you don't show up to work, your boss will say, 'What the f***? Get help. And if you don't want to get help... It's been 11 years.

David and Tico have seen Richie once and I've seen him twice. It's not like we haven't tried."

The creators of the hit "Always" would welcome the musician back into the fold, but they need him to take the first step now.

Bandmate David Bryan added: "Richie is a brother and we love him. It's up to Richie. We never closed the door on him, he just didn't come back to work. Anything is possible."

"Powder" guitarist Phil X stepped in for Richie after his sudden departure, and the other band members praised how well he fit into the group. | BGNES