King Charles' meeting with Prince Harry sparked mixed comments

The meeting between Prince Harry and King Charles, which took place two days ago at Clarence House in London, has been widely analyzed around the world. Some say it's a positive development and the monarch adores his younger son, but the other side says the 45-minute meeting and the prince's quick return to America speak volumes.

There are signs that Charles III was moved by the surprise visit from Harry, who arrived in London uninvited. But there are also stories that his arrival caused some unease. "Frankly, the king was not happy with what was served to him by his emotional but well-intentioned son," the Daily Mail wrote. Charles, who is battling cancer, needs some peace and quiet and had planned to fly to Norfolk early on Tuesday, but Harry's visit changed the plans. Sources said the king was nervously "knocking" as he waited for his son to return to peaceful Sandrigam.

It is surprising to many that Harry is not staying at Clarence House in London or another royal residence. He made the decision to come to Britain suddenly and spent the night in a hotel in the center of the capital. Harry had been told not to hope for a final reconciliation.

Shortly after meeting his son, Charles heads to the desired destination with his wife Camilla. Only the two know what they talked about, but the 45 or 30 minutes of the meeting, as reported by the Mirror, is hardly enough for a topic other than the most necessary - the health of the monarch.

Daily Mail columnist Robert Jobson points out that Harry has caused many family scandals: "However, the prince should take some time to consider the stress he has caused the royal family, especially as Charles first copes with the loss of his father Prince Philip and his late mother the Queen. This impromptu visit served as a sad reminder of the continuing rift in the family, a burden Charles could no longer afford. There is also the issue of trust, or lack thereof. The prince is in such a position that his family does not trust him and this is inevitable.

However, it is believed that Charles will continue to try to reconnect with his younger son. "His generosity knows no bounds, even if his efforts seem to have failed," the British newspaper wrote, adding: "Perhaps Harry is beginning to see more clearly: his father is only a human being, after all, a man who has always been with his son and who will not be around him forever".

Robert Jobson points out that the key to resolving the relationship between Harry and William lies in the hands of the older brother, although many believe that reconciliation is impossible. /BGNES