Lavrov is not against Greater Serbia and the exchange of territories in the Balkans

"Serbia must make its own decision about Greater Serbia. This is a decision that must be made both in the interest of the Serbian people and in the interest of the other peoples of the Balkans".

This stated, in response to a question of BGNES, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, who participated in the OSCE meeting in Skopje to the special envoy in the Macedonian capital, Dimitar Ruskov. According to Lavrov, "these decisions should be taken by the Serbs and the people themselves should judge what will happen in the future".

Asked about his position on Serbia's policy of uniting all Serbs into one state, including those living in the neighboring states of Montenegro, BiH and Kosovo, Lavrov replied: "The history of the Balkans is quite complicated. Things are not going smoothly even today. We are seeing discussions on the subject, also in Republika Srpska. We have recently heard some options regarding the exchange of territories between southern Serbia and Kosovo. If agreements are reached that make the Serbs and their judges happy, it will be supported not only by us, but and from countries across the region. "Perhaps not all countries will be happy because the EU believes that when someone else does something in the Balkans, it means that they are not in line with the EU's interests and its idea of stability," said Lavrov also clarified: the EU believes that when there is an interest in the Balkans, no one else should interfere. Serbia wants to be part of the EU, but everything depends on the people". /BGNES