LeBron James: I'm proud of my son

LeBron James did not hide his pride that he will play with his son Bronny in the National Basketball Association (NBA) next season. The two will be part of the LA Lakers. This is also remarkable in light of the cardiac arrest that LeBron's son suffered nearly a year ago.

"For me, to see my son make it to the NBA is incredible in itself. It's always been a big dream of his. I'm proud that we're going to play together. I'm speechless, really. The boy has been working hard for the last year, considering what happened to him. Our family is still at a loss for how he felt when he was drafted. I can't wait to see how he develops because he has so much to improve on - both in terms of speed and physicality", commented the "King".

Bronny James made his Summer League debut in a 94:108 loss to the Sacramento Kings in the first game of the California Classic. He finished with 4 points in 22 minutes on the floor.

LeBron talked also about the upcoming Olympics in Paris, where he will play for Team USA. The Yankees lineup also includes other big names, including Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid. "My game will be whatever the team wants me to be. I'll be able to help. If I need to score a basket or assist, I'll do it. I've always tried to adjust my game to the needs of the team. Nothing changes with this one either. It's going to be easy. You're playing with 11 other potential Hall of Famers", added the four-time NBA champion. | BGNES