Madonna fell on stage during the "Celebration Tour"

Madonna reminded the world that she is a veteran of the industry after suffering an accident on stage during her "Celebration Tour" over the weekend.

The Queen of Pop, 65, performed on a chair while singing her song "Open Your Heart" as a dancer pulled her around the stage. However, the dancer tripped and stumbled, dragging the chair and Madonna to the ground with him.

A video of the incident on YouTube showed Madonna reacting with good grace.

She continues the performance from the ground, turning to sing while lying on her stomach. Another dancer helped her to her feet and she continued with a smile on her face.

The singer's show is making headlines for a variety of reasons.

She was sued by disgruntled fans over what they described as a late start time, which her team revealed was due to a technical issue.

Madonna also invited various celebrities to join her on stage. /BGNES