Maguchich: I thank the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting at the front

"I am very grateful to the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting at the front. Thanks to you, I have the opportunity to show good results here. Thanks to you, I am alive. Thank you. Glory to Ukraine!", declared the new world record holder in the high jump, Yaroslavaa Maguchich She jumped 210 cm and improved by 1 cm the peak achievement of Stefka Kostadinova, who survived for 37 years.

"Thank you to everyone for the support. A lot of emotions, but we did it with my team, with my family. That's why I'm very happy," said Maguchich.

"I feel fantastic because it was an incredible jump. I cleared 207cm on the second attempt and it was already my personal record. My coach told me that maybe I should stop because the Olympics are coming up - of course that's more important, but I felt internally that I could do it, and to be honest, I wanted to try the world record. I did it on my first attempt - for all of us, for all Ukrainians," she added.

"I'm looking forward to the fight in Paris. I'm sure it will be a great race and an even better atmosphere - but I know it will be tough and very competitive. At a big event like the Olympics you really have to be mentally strong and as he says my coach, it's a holiday and you should definitely enjoy it," concluded Maguchich. | BGNES