Musk admitted to fighting his depression with ketamine

Musk has publicly admitted that he regularly uses doctor-prescribed ketamine to combat his depression. The billionaire talked about this in an interview with journalist Don Lemon.

Tesla's creator explained that he sometimes has bad moods and depressive episodes, and ketamine helps stabilize his mental state. "Sometimes I get some sort of negative chemical state in my brain, like depression, I guess. And ketamine helps one deal with a bad mood," Musk said, adding that he has a prescription for the drug from a "real doctor" and uses "a small amount of every two weeks or so".

The billionaire believes his depression is genetic and denies abusing the drug, noting that he is almost always sober. "If you use too much ketamine, you can't work. I have a lot of work, I usually work 16 hours a day ... So I don't have a situation where I can be mentally unburdened for a long period."

Last October, Friends star Matthew Perry died of an "acute ketamine overdose". The actor died at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 55, and his body was discovered in a hot tub by his assistant./BGNES