NASA's space center proposes building a giant telescope on the moon

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center proposed building a giant Stellar Imager telescope on the moon as part of the new Artemis lunar program. This is stated in a press release.

The Lunar Long Baseline Imaging Interferometer (LBI) for imaging in the visible and ultraviolet wavelengths will be an array of multiple telescopes. AeSI will be able to operate on the far side of the Moon, obtaining detailed images of stars and their surroundings. Due to tidal influences, the Moon always faces the Earth and the day-night cycle lasts a month, giving scientists two weeks of continuous astronomical observation. In addition, the absence of an atmosphere eliminates disturbances from turbulence and light pollution, and the far side of the Moon thus provides the best conditions for high-resolution interferometric imaging.

According to NASA experts, the lunar interferometric installation has huge scientific potential and can be created in stages to limit construction costs. This will allow us to study the surfaces of stars, the inner regions of accretion disks, nascent stars and black holes. /BGNES