Nicolas Cage: I never imagined I would have three children by three women

The 60-year-old actor has Weston, 33, from his former partner Christina Fulton, Kal-El, 18, from ex-wife Alice Kim, and 22-month-old August from Rico Shibata, and notes that all three experiences are different.

Asked what he's reading now, he told the New Yorker, "Well, reading is not where it should be. I've been very consumed with raising my daughter. She'll be two in September. But the books that I gravitate toward tend to be the ones that I feel like I know what I'm getting in terms of translation, or no translation. Usually they're in English, so I'm not worried about them tainting the author's chosen words."

The actor said he has two older boys. "They each have a different mother. It's not what I originally thought would happen when I fell in love or got married - that I would have three different children by three different mothers, but yet that's exactly what happened. So every child is different. There's a different level of attention," Cage said.

Meanwhile, the Oscar-winning star is currently filming a feature series, "Spider-Man Noir," for Amazon Prime, but admitted he's "terrified" of the use of artificial intelligence technology going on behind the scenes. He fears they will steal his body and do whatever they want with it via digital artificial intelligence.

"God, I hope it's not A.I. I'm terrified of that," Nicholas Cage said. | BGNES