Odermatt: I hope nobody beats me this season

Marco Odermatt expressed his desire for an undefeated season during a press conference following his victory in the Bansko giant slalom. Responding to a question from BGNES, he stated, "I hope that no one will beat me this season." Emphasizing his consistent pursuit of victory, Odermatt acknowledged the challenges that come with the sport, given the variety of tracks and snow conditions.

The Swiss skier, securing his sixth giant slalom win and ninth consecutive victory overall, equaled Alberto Tomba's record. Odermatt, unaware of this achievement, praised Tomba as a skiing legend and expressed gratitude for the excellent organization and fantastic audience in Bansko. Despite his joy at winning, he mentioned the need to forego celebration due to an early departure the next day.

Second-placed Alexander Steen Olsen noted the difference in experience between his previous visits to Bansko, stating he would need another season to potentially surpass Odermatt. Despite aspiring to the top spot, Olsen expressed contentment with his current position.

Austrian skier Manuel Feller, securing third place, expressed satisfaction with his performance in a challenging race. Anticipating an easier race in his favored discipline of slalom, Feller hoped to replicate his success and secure a spot on the podium. He acknowledged Odermatt's near invincibility and praised Olsen's impressive performance. Feller's optimism and confidence in his slalom abilities highlighted his goal of reaching the podium once again.

Feller appreciated the warm reception in Bansko, commending the friendly people and passionate skiing enthusiasts. While acknowledging the logistical challenges of the journey, he remained focused on repeating his performance in the upcoming race. Overall, the skiers conveyed a mix of determination, respect for their competitors, and appreciation for the skiing community in Bansko.