Orban: The probability of Russia losing the war is completely incalculable

"Putin can't lose when you look at the soldiers, the equipment and the technology. Victory over Russia is a thought that is hard to imagine. The probability of Russia actually being defeated is completely incalculable."
This was stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with the German publication "Bild". His statement came a week after he held meetings with the presidents of Ukraine and Russia, Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin.
"In the next few months, things on the front line will get worse. Russia has more weapons and the Russians are more determined. The energy of the confrontation, the number of dead, the number of casualties will be more brutal than in the last 7 months, although the period before that he was also very brutal," Orbán said.
He added that now is the right time to move "from the politics of war to the politics of peace."
The Hungarian Prime Minister identified the loss of human life as the main moral motive for his visits to Kiev and Moscow.
"The main argument is the loss of human life. This is the most important moral motive. But there is also Europe's self-interest, because what is happening here is very bad for us. I am not arguing who is right and who is wrong. Because my goal is peace and a ceasefire," Orbán said.
To end the war, Orbán wants to talk to five key players: Ukraine, Russia, the US, the EU and China.
In his typical style, the Hungarian leader did not fail to criticize the EU's policy towards the conflict.
"I'm sorry to have to say it, but Europe is also pursuing a policy of war," he said and called for breaking away from the US and "carrying out an autonomous policy" because "the main victim of the two warring countries is the European economy and the European population."
The Hungarian head of government is convinced that "on the front line there is no solution to this conflict".
"The people, we, the world, want peace, stop killing each other. Let's start negotiating. Or at least understand that there is no solution on the ground," Orban said, addressing Moscow and Kiev.
Asked if Vladimir Putin still believes he can achieve victory on the battlefield, the Hungarian prime minister said the following:
"Putin has a clear vision" of victory. He has a clear idea of ​​what is happening and how Russia will win. The same applies to Zelensky.
"Putin cannot lose when you look at the soldiers, the equipment and the technology. Defeating Russia is a thought that is difficult to imagine. The probability of Russia actually being defeated is completely incalculable," he added.
The prime minister said he asked both Putin and Zelensky about the exact number of their victims, but both gave only the number of dead opponents.
Orban said he misses the politics of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
"If she (Merkel) was still chancellor, Putin would not have started his war. She has no illusions about liberal democracy in Russia and about the stupid approach of many people from the West," said the prime minister.
With Angela Merkel not returning to politics, Orbán is pinning his hopes on Donald Trump. He openly admits that he hopes for Trump's return to the White House.
"He is a businessman, he is self-made, he has a different approach to everything. And I think this is good for world politics," said the Hungarian leader.
"Trump is the man of peace. As President of the United States, he did not start a single war and did much to bring peace to old conflicts in many complex regions of the world. That's why I have great confidence in him," added Orban. | BGNES