Pink Stops Concert After Pregnant Fan Goes Into Labor

Pink canceled her show after she noticed a woman giving birth in the "pogo" at the concert.
The "So What" singer was performing in Sydney, Australia, for the first time in six years. While singing "Our Song", she was warned by fans that a woman was about to give birth.
Eventually, a medic wheeled the mother-to-be out of the room in a wheelchair. The mother appeared to be in good spirits as she waved to the crowd as she left.
"Alessia or is Alex being born right now?" Pink yelled from the stage. The 44-year-old singer was referring to her birth name, Alessia Beth Moore.
She then told fans, "It's like we're not supposed to watch." He then joked, "Everybody give her some space!"
The mother-to-be appeared unresponsive, and Pink was heard trying to make sure the baby was born at that very moment. "She didn't just have the baby, did she? Is the baby here? No? Okay," she said, before adding: "Congratulations!"
Pink has two children, Willow Sage Hart, 12, and Jameson Moon Hart, 7. They are from her husband, professional motocross racer Kerry Hart, whom she married in 2006. /BGNES