Porsche recalls thousands of Taycan models due to faulty batteries

German sports car maker Porsche is recalling several thousand units of its electric Taycan model due to faulty batteries.

Faulty cells in some batteries can cause a short circuit, a company spokesman explained.

Some 858 Taycan cars were initially found to be at risk. They were recalled in January, but after further checks, the company found that other cars may also be affected.

Porsche announced that 2,936 of the four-door sports cars showed "abnormalities", requiring the replacement of their 600-pound battery modules.

Another 4,522 Taycans have not been inspected and must be taken to repair shops for inspection.

Renault, Ford and General Motors have recently had to recall their models due to faulty batteries.

The cells for the Taycan batteries are manufactured by Korean company LG, and the batteries themselves are assembled in Germany before being put into the cars at Porsche's Zuffenhausen plant.

The Taycan was launched in 2019. The company sold more than 40,000 units in 2023 - up 16.7% from the previous year.

Porsche's first electric model is key for the German brand. It expects 80% of its sales to be electric cars by 2030, while gradually "electrifying" the rest of its range - from the small SUV Macan this year to the sporty 718 in 2025 /BГNEС