Scholz: Relativizing NATO's obligations is dangerous

"Any relativization of NATO's mutual defense obligations is irresponsible and dangerous. No one can be left to play with Europe's security."
This is what German Chancellor Scholz said to US presidential candidate Donald Trump. His remarks came during a meeting with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Berlin.
Trump sparked uproar across Europe after saying in South Carolina that he would "encourage" Russia to invade "criminal" NATO allies, saying the countries in question should pay their bills.
"Regardless of what Trump says, it is indeed in our common European interest that all NATO member states increase funding for their defense capabilities," Tusk said.
"We ourselves must take care of improving our defense potential and the European part of NATO must take a more decisive position. I will try to convince all European partners in NATO of this," added the Polish Prime Minister.
In recent weeks, European leaders have grown increasingly concerned about the security implications of a possible second term for Trump. But Trump's new comments added even more urgency to already ongoing European debates about achieving greater strategic autonomy from the US.
"I truly believe that these words of Donald Trump should come as a cold shower to all of us, especially to those who are not so aware of this very real threat that we face, or do not take it very seriously. We really need to we hope for full cooperation from the US, but Europe must also invest in its own security," said Tusk./BGNES