Scientists discover seven stars from which aliens can get energy

Scientists say they have discovered seven stars in the Milky Way galaxy displaying anomalous infrared radiation that shows signs of long-suspected alien energy technology.

These are megastructures called "Dyson spheres" that could only have been built by extremely technologically advanced civilizations, and are designed to receive energy from stars, the British newspaper reports. "The Independent". The project, called Hephaestus, named after the Greek god of fire and metallurgy, has allowed researchers to discover a new way to search for signs of extraterrestrial energy generation.

As the paper points out, the scientists analyzed data from the Gaia DR3, 2MASS and WISE astronomical surveys to identify "candidates" for "Dyson spheres" in the Milky Way. To identify them, a special program has been developed to detect sources that exhibit an anomalous excess of infrared radiation that cannot be attributed to any of the known natural sources of such radiation.

After analyzing data from approximately five million sources, the researchers compiled a catalog of potential Dyson spheres. Of these five million, the researchers focused on seven as potential Dyson spheres. "We found seven visible M dwarfs showing infrared excesses of unknown origin that are consistent with our models of Dyson spheres," they wrote.

At the same time, they note that further analyses are certainly needed to reveal the true nature of these sources.

The concept of "Dyson spheres" was first proposed by physicist Freeman J. Dyson in 1960. He theorized that a shell or swarm of objects could surround a star, capturing its output for technological use. The search for such techno-signatures, indicating the existence of intelligent life, is a major theme for scientists seeking to identify evidence for the existence of civilizations beyond Earth. /BGNES