Shōgun may be getting renewed for a second season

Contrary to what was previously believed, the hit historical series Shōgun on FX might be getting a second season after all, Deadline reports.

Shōgun star and producer Hiroyuki Sanada has signed on to reprise his role as Yoshii Toranaga.

Although the details of the deal have yet to be finalized, a major contributor to FX going ahead with a second season is the show's huge critical and commercial success.

Among Shōgun 's major accolades are the nine million views in the first six days on streaming platforms such as Hulu and Disney+.

This has made it the number one premiere and international entertainment series on FX of all time.

Despite its success, the renewal of Shōgun for a second season comes as a surprise as it was considered a prime example of a limited series.

Furthermore, the creative team's own comments on the matter have virtually put speculation about a second season to rest.

Shōgun's tentative contract for a second season also has implications for early Emmy bidding purposes in 2024.

If the series officially moves on to a second season, it will transform from a limited series into a drama show, much like Downton Abbey and The White Lotus. /BGNES