Spanish police have busted an international drug smuggling ring

Raids at 28 locations in the southern cities of Granada, Malaga and Seville earlier this month uncovered caches of cash and weapons, as well as 10 luxury cars and more than two tonnes of marijuana.

As part of the operation, officers arrested 36 suspects from 10 countries, including the suspected leader of the network, a man of Turkish origin who lives in Spain and is the subject of an international arrest warrant issued by Turkey, the statement added.

The group has focused on exporting large amounts of marijuana and heroin from our country to Germany and other countries in Eastern Europe.

Among the arrested suspects are also citizens of Argentina, Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Romania, Spain, Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela.

The EU police service Europol, which is coordinating the investigation, said more than 400 French, Spanish and Turkish law enforcement officers were involved in the operation.

Spain is one of the main entry points for drugs in Europe, given its close ties to Latin America and its proximity to Morocco.

Latin America is the main source of cocaine, and Morocco is a key source of hashish, a sticky brown substance made from the resin of the cannabis plant. | BGNES