Stoltenberg expects the US Congress to approve aid to Ukraine within days

I am encouraged by indications that the US Congress may take up additional aid for Ukraine in the coming days.
This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a joint press conference with the Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic, Denmark and the Netherlands.
"We had an important and timely discussion on how to further strengthen our support to Ukraine. In particular, on how to provide more air defense systems. The situation on the battlefield remains very difficult and we all heard Ukraine's clear and urgent call for more support," Stoltenberg said.
The Secretary General is encouraged by the messages he heard at the meeting with the Allies and the new assistance they will provide to Kiev.
On April 16, Denmark announced a major new package. The Netherlands is sending €4 billion in additional military support. The Czech-led initiative is receiving hundreds of millions of euros for more artillery shells for Ukraine, and Germany has announced it will send another Patriot system to Ukraine.
"If allies are faced with a choice between meeting NATO's capacity goals and providing more aid to Ukraine, my message is clear: send more to Ukraine," Jens Stoltenberg stressed. /BGNES